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blazing on a sunday afternoon (OCT 23)

Dear friend, Buttercup performs this Sunday Oct 23 in La Grange, Texas. There are many reasons, if you live in the relative vicinity (hello Austin! hello Houston! hello San Antonio!), to make the lovely drive out to La Grange. For one, Buttercup will perform at the Bugle Boy--a world class listening room with great acoustics, a storied history of quality live music, and a grand piano on stage. The show is early (doors 2p, music 3p) so you can get home before dinner with your mental health fully re-set and your head full of music.

Our set plan has a swooping arc, and will loop thru several of Buttercup's moods. We'll showcase our latest autobiographical record Specks, our upcoming spoken word recording, as well as a quick wink from our un-talkative Grand Marais phase. You'll hear some songs from our distant past, now arranged for piano and deeper voices.

Mostly you'll see/hear some amusing stories, uplifting poems and melodic songs.

Oh, and another reason you should consider this trip: nearby Roundtop features the biggest antique show/flea market ever. It's wild. Come early (Roundtop is 10min from La Grange) and you can hunt for treasures and breakfast (there is plenty of great food). Then head to the Bugle Boy at 3 to have your heart massaged with poetry and your ears dipped in song. See u soon! Erik, odie., and Joe.

P.S. a previous email listed the wrong date. The correct date is Sunday Oct 23)

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