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Watch "Nov 1." with the Philharmonic

Many have asked if there is a recording of Buttercup performing "Nov 1." with the SA Philharmonic. I am pleased to reply: yes. Indeed, it was expertly documented by Alejandro de Hoyos. It was an emotional evening, and you can hear my voice crack as I introduce the song. I was fighting back tears throughout. It’s not everyday that we get to hear what one of our songs would sound like with 65 instruments. Once again, I must thank dear Mari Maurice for scoring it and putting so much heart into it. And Alejandro for applying his talents to put together the video. Click here to watch.


Another thing: our show at the new Stable Hall was truly amazing--in no small part because of those of you that came out to support us and pack the joint. To me, the highlight of the evening was odie flying a kite over the crowd while we played our song “Kite.” The song is about grief, and it felt like the best way that we could honor Kenji Brown Cole without tripping on insufficient words. As I sat on a stool and worked through the chords, I watched odie dancing with the kite he built for the occasion. I saw it soar over and into the crowd. It was magical. I could hear a collective gasp from in front of the stage. Also Jason Garner was absolutely fantastic on drums, bringing a level of energy that only the rarest drummers have achieved. I put Jason alongside behemoths like Kieth Moon, Noel Redding and Steve Drozd. That night his range veered from ultra-quiet to swinging groove to churchy swagger to ballistic-animal-craziness. You had to be there. Glad tidings, Erik Sanden

 odie and kite

 jason garner

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