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4 reasons why you will love "Practice Room"

Buttercup's new music video is out now! Watch it on our youtube channel here. When yer done, follow our channel. That will keep you updated when we post new excellent content.

Why you'll love "Practice Room":

1) Alejandro de Hoyos dug out some very old video tapes from Buttercup's earliest Grackle Mundy days. This ancient material is mashed up with some powerful stuff he shot last month.

2) Alejandro layered film on top of film. It's a trip to watch and quite psychedelic.

3) You get to see Erik wearing his P.E. shirt (reversible green and yellow) from 8th grade at Elenor J. Toll Middle School, Glendale California.

4) You'll notice odie is playing the bass left handed. He is not left handed, but does this in all our videos, because, we have no idea why.

Still from the filming of "Practice Room"

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