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We've been writing new songs with a very inward bent: a biographical record called Specks. During the pandemic, Buttercup, like all of us, had much time to ask questions about the importance of self-love and what it means to be alive at this moment in tumultuous history. We were faced with questions about what it means to be a musician. So we wrote about what we know best: us.

We used an old typewriter to write about Claire getting robbed and about Joe talking a lot. We wrote about Odie's fashion sense. We wrote a song about our practice space. We wrote a song about Erik Sanden’s voice.

The word "specks" signifies something tiny and insignificant, but something individual; these songs are, after all, just raindrops in the ocean of songs. "Specks" also indicates the specifications of a particular band at a moment in time. Together the songs that make up Specks offer a playful peek inward, a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of a band that has played together for many, many years and still loves each other. Of course, perhaps it’s because our band has such mutual respect in the first place that we've been able to continue to thrive.

Specks should come soon, perhaps early 2022. If you want to hear the songs before then, come to one of Buttercup's shows in Dec or Jan.

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