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Buttercup has new news

Dear Friend,

I want to share a few exciting shows that you may be very interested in.

Friday (Oct 14) Buttercup is playing as the backing band for our dear friend Joey Perales at the Lighthouse. Joey’s a heckuva songwriter and, after a 25 year hiatus, just wrote a clutch of new songs that he calls Solo Busca. We’ve learned a baker’s dozen of these songs and are going to put our very best Buttercup touch upon them.

Joe Reyes just got back from a tour of Spain with Walter and the Silos, so he’ll be groggy, but shreddy. We will have Jason Garner on drums, who always lends us more musicality and swagger.

But first, a little more background on Joey Perales and Solo Busca—Joey is the son of San Antonio music legend Joe Jama. We will perform one of Joe Jama’s R&B styled hits from 1970: “My Life.” Good health permitting, Joe Jama himself might take the mic.

Back in the 1990’s Joey was the singer/guitarist for SA local band The Maplehelm, a band Erik and odie are more than familiar with having shared the stage with them countless times in their first band Evergreen. So often did the two bands share bills and DNA that they even released a sister 45’s in 1994.

Buttercup as Solo Busca

Friday October 14

music 10pm

@ The Lighthouse. 1016 Cincinati Ave

$5 cover. 21 and over

w/The Please Help

PS: Please note Buttercup is heading to La Grange, TX for a Sunday matinee show (3pm) Oct 23 @ the Bugle Boy. This one is going to be very, very special and well worth the trip. The Bugle Boy is a true listening room--quiet with world class acoustics and classy ambience and a grand piano. The world’s biggest flea market will be going on in the neighboring town of Roundtop/Warrenton that day. We plan on picking through the treasures in the morning and heading over to the Bugle Boy after. Save the day.

Love, odie.

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